EZCLEAR Commercial Aviation Mini Pack


Used to restore confined or small aviation grade acrylic transparent surfaces such as an acrylic aircraft window, transparency, navigational or landing light lens. Restores around edges. Removes major (heavy haze or scratches) or minor damage and restores clarity to 99.7%. Leaves clear, distortion free finish. Enough for 3-4 applications (1 sq ft), depending upon damage.

p/n: EZ65001M

    • contents:   
      (2) EZCLEAR Commercial Major Restoration Packs (5 CC / 3" White Disc) (P/N: s-EZ65003X)
      (1) EZCLEAR Commercial Minor Restoration Pack (2 FL OZ / 3" White Pad) (P/N: s-EZ65002X)
      (1) EZCLEAR Commercial Finishing Restoration Pack (2 FL OZ / 3" Red Pad) (P/N: s-EZ65001X) 
      (1) EZCLEAR Commercial Hydration Spray (16 FL OZ) + Trigger Sprayer (P/N: EZ62016)
      (1) EZCLEAR Instruction Overview Card & (1) EZCLEAR Instruction Manual

      Additional Tooling Needed:
      (1) Polisher (Heavy Duty) 120V outlet, with handle (P/N: TL1000K)
      (1) EZCLEAR Commercial Backing Plate (P/N: EZ63103) or (P/N: EZ63004) 

      unit weight: 2.3 pounds
      unit cube: 0.1984 cubic feet
      unit of issue: KT

    • country of origin: u.s.a
      lead time: 10 days (unless in stock) 
      shipping terms: fob origin (90755) 
      hazardous: no
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