EZCLEAR Resort Starter Kit


Acrylic Repair Kit. Main Starter kit includes 120v Polisher and Cordless Tool. Pelican Case houses everything needed to remove scratches and cosmetic damage. Leaves clear, distortion-free finish. NVG Compatible. Supports on average 1-2 major restorations of a 4 square foot surface, depending upon damage. Re-stock with components.

p/n: EZ7065B-1

    • contents:   
      (1) EZCLEAR Instructional DVD (P/N: A1000-1)
      (2) EZCLEAR Re-stocking Sheets
      (1) EZCLEAR SDS
      (1) EZCLEAR Instruction Manual
      (1) EZCLEAR Overview Card
      (1) Safety Glasses (P/N: EZ31501)
      (2) EZCLEAR Microfiber Towels (25 towels/package) (P/N: EZ31300)
      (1) EZCLEAR Acrylic Cleaner (16 FL OZ) + Trigger Sprayer (P/N: EZ33016)
      (5) EZCLEAR Cleaning Packets (P/N: EZ33001)
      (2) EZCLEAR Commercial Light Polish (2 FL OZ) (P/N: EZ58002)
      (1) EZCLEAR Commercial Light Restoration Cloths (10 cloths/package) (P/N: EZ51305)
      (1) EZCLEAR Commercial Polishing Pad (Red / 3") (P/N: EZ31603)
      (1) EZCLEAR Commercial Support Disc (3") (P/N: EZ31404)
      (1) EZCLEAR Resort Major Restoration Starter Kit (P/N: EZ71307)
      (1) EZCLEAR Resort Minor Restoration Pack (6 FL OZ Polish + 6"/Orange Pad) (P/N: EZ75106P)
      (1) EZCLEAR Resort Finishing Restoration Pack (6 FL OZ Polish + 6"/Grey Pad) (P/N: EZ76106P)
      (2) EZCLEAR Commercial Hydration Spray (16 FL OZ) + Trigger Sprayer (P/N: EZ62016)
      (1) EZCLEAR Resort Minor Restoration Pads (3"/Orange) (P/N: EZ71103)
      (1) EZCLEAR Resort Finishing Restoration Pads (3"/White) (P/N: EZ71203)
      (1) EZCLEAR Military Backing Plate (6", 5/8" UNC) (P/N: EZ31406)
      (1) EZCLEAR Military Backing Plate (3", 5/8" UNC) (P/N: EZ31403)
      (1) Polisher (Heavy Duty) 120V outlet, with handle (P/N: TL1000K)
      (1) Drill (20V, Li-Ion) Right Angle (cordless) (P/N: TL1002-1)
      (1) Battery (20V, Li Ion) (P/N: TL1005-1)
      (1) Charger, Battery (20V, Li-Ion) 1HR, 120V outlet (P/N: TL1006-1)
      (1) EZCLEAR Spindle Adapter (5/8" UNC) (P/N: EZ31502)  

      unit weight: 50 pounds
      unit cube: 4.04 cubic feet
      unit of issue: KT

    • country of origin: u.s.a
      lead time: 8-10 weeks (unless in stock) 
      shipping terms: fob origin (90755) 
      hazardous: no
    • related items: n/a