“We innovate and pioneer lasting technologies that enhance the aviation experience.”


The Hiller family has deep roots in aviation. Stanley Hiller Jr., son of another aviation pioneer Stanley Hiller, Sr. (1888-1968), was born in San Francisco in 1924. Even as a young boy, Hiller, Jr. showed a prodigal talent for invention. He had learned to fly before the age of 10 and started his own business building miniature powered race car models, capable of a remarkable 60 mph at 12. A passion for aviation and specifically, for technologies that enhance the aviation experience, drove Steve Hiller to establish Plastek in 2003 in Redwood City, California.                                                                                    The company was later taken over by his daughter, Christy Hiller Myronowicz in 2008. Christy earned her pilot’s license in 2003 and currently holds a private certificate with an IFR and multiengine rating. She helped initiate and oversee product development efforts that lead to the release of EZCLEAR’s second and third generation product lines and continues to innovate and improve the product offering as well as provide a high level of customer care and support. Her belief is that product innovations are derived from constant involvement with the customer.