Over the years, we have fine-tuned the needs of each market. Military customers require EZCLEAR products remove more damage in a short amount of time. EZCLEAR military products therefore, are more aggressive and enable our customers to accomplish this. Additionally, due to military packaging and storage requirements, our Military kits are much more robust and contain a significant amount of EZCLEAR product within, lasting our customers a longer period of time before re-ordering. Our commercial products, on the other hand, are more tailored for the needs of our commercial users. The window damage is not usually as bad for this customer and they require different packaging. Our commercial products are disposable and packaged in smaller quantities within the kits. This market is able to re-order more easily and therefore doesn’t have the same inventory on hand requirements as our military customers, enabling us to package less product per kit.Text

TextThe amount of EZCLEAR product included as well as the custom bag and "extras" pack that one gets with the EZCLEAR Premium Starter. The EZCLEAR Aviation Starter is intended to give the customer just enough product to complete a trial application if they so choose. We stand behind our customers and guarantee EZCLEAR product satisfaction; if the customer is not satisfied, they may return the Aviation Starter or Premium Starter in original packaging for a refund.

EZCLEAR Starter kits include a Dewalt Variable Speed Polisher (heavy-duty). Some military kits also contain a Dewalt 20v Right Angle Drill (with lithium ion batteries). These tools have proven to deliver consistent results since 2003. By including them with our Starter Kits, we are able to guarantee our customer’s product satisfaction.Text

EZCLEAR Acrylic Restoration will not work with orbital sanders. Orbital sanders overload too quickly and do not yield enough power for our system. Instead, we use electric polishers at between 1000 -1400 RPM.Text

As you inspect your work throughout the process, you will be able to identify any problem areas that still exist. We recommend cleaning the window with either EZCLEAR Acrylic Cleaner in between steps to correctly ascertain the state of the window before proceeding to the next step.Text

No. The abrasives in EZCLEAR will alter the original prescription in your eyeglasses. However, EZCLEAR Acrylic Cleaner can be used to clean eyeglasses and is a wonderful option for eyeglass cleaning.

EZCLEAR products work on all types of Acrylic. While the products will remove scratches from deck hatches and wind venturi, etc…, we currently do not have a specific kit for the marine industry. Please contact us directly for further information.Text

Minimal amounts of heat will be produced during the process. This heat, will in turn level off imperfections in the window increasing the clarity and consistency of the window. It is important to keep polish on the window throughout the restoration process and keep the polisher moving. Do not allow the polisher to stop in one place or the heat generated could damage the transparency.

The abrasives in the polishes remove surface. Concentrating on a single spot for a prolonged period of time will cause distortion. It is important to polish the entire window for uniform results.Text

EZCLEAR will remove fingernail deep scratches (i.e. scratches that can be felt by the fingernail). That said, be sure to check the OEM specifications for minimum pane thickness to ensure the window is within limits.Text

EZCLEAR Acrylic Restoration cannot be used on windows that have a hard coating. Most windows containing hard coatings, label the window with “Do Not Polish” or something to that effect. EZCLEAR is an abrasive and therefore will begin to remove the hard coating during restoration, causing the window to look watery and distorted.Text